Tertu TimberRail

Tertu TimberRail is a permanent vehicle restraint system (VRS), which combines the strength of a steel structure with the attractive appearance of a renewable timber exterior. The result is a robust and aesthetically pleasing VRS that enhances safety and complements virtually any rural, urban or residential location.

Blending in perfectly with the natural environment, Tertu TimberRail is ideal for a wide array of locations, including areas of outstanding national beauty, national parks and conservation areas, alongside housing estates, low traffic neighbourhoods, car parks, drive throughs, and retail estates.

The system offers fantastic sustainability credentials alongside its safety and aesthetic benefits. Made using renewable timber, it can usually be refurbished with new timber using the existing steel sub-structure to extend the service life of the installation, and the whole system can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

In total, our Tertu TimberRail range includes thirteen different EN 1317-2 certified, steel-backed timber safety rails, including the potential to add a handrail to the protective barrier. It can be installed with P4 end terminals, including a powder coated Ermes hybrid P4 end terminal and crash cushion from our SMA range, to match the timber aesthetic.

Containment levels, working widths and post spacing options available to suit individual projects
The largest timber clad VRS system available with W2-W7 ratings
Suitable for connection with motorcycle protection and pedestrian handrails
Made from steel and renewable Douglas Fir
20+ year service life
Service life can be extended with refurbishment of the Douglas Fir
Bridge parapet & pedestrian parapet options available
Available as N1, N2, & H2 barriers for car parks and parapets
2m post spacing is available for up to a minimum 20° radius for most systems

Our expert teams will work with you to understand your requirements and the spatial limitations of the location, ensuring correct specification of a Tertu TimberRail system that maximises safety, works with the available space, and looks great.

UKCA and CE marked systems
System Containment Working Width Post Spacings
TM18 4M N2 W5 4m
T22 4MS2 N2 W4 2m
T32 N2W2 N2 W2 1.33m
T32 N2W3 N2 W3 2.66m
CE marked systems
System Containment Working Width Post Spacings
T18 4M N2 W7 4m
T18 4MS2 N2 W5 2m
TM18 4MS2 N2 W4 2m
TLC18 4M N1 W5 4m
T22 4M N2 W6 4m
T40 4MS2 N2 W3 2m
T40 4MS2 N2 W4 2m
TM40 4MS2 N2 W5 2m
T40 4MS2 BP N2 W5 2m

Tested in accordance with EN1317-2 ISO 9001

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