The BOSS is a unique ISO 22343-1 certified solution that is suitable as both an anti-incursion measure for the highways industry and a robust security measure to protect crowded spaces for events.

Manufactured by our partner, Stuer-Egghe, The BOSS has been developed with input from Highway Care’s technical team. The lightweight, surface-mounted HVM system has achieved ISO 22343-1: V/7200[N3C]/48/90:24.0 certification and is designed for ease of deployment. A compact design enables The BOSS to be transported in the boot of a car, and, with components weighing just 8kg each, the ultra-lightweight, surface-mounted system can be installed by a single operative within minutes, without the need for any special tools.

The BOSS stands for Barrier On Strong Spikes, it is designed to prevent vehicles up to 7.5t travelling at speeds of up to 48kph (30mph) from entering the protected area while reducing impact to the vehicle occupants. Unlike police stinger devices, which only puncture the tyres, allowing the vehicle to continue moving, The BOSS works by also inhibiting the vehicle’s wheels and axle, utilising the spikes to capture the wheels and prevent them from turning. The system comprises of a robust mat with the eponymous strong spikes pointing outwards, which brings the vehicle to a controlled stop without causing debris which could scatter to cause injuries, these spikes are covered by 3D printed covers to protect pedestrians from injury while passing by.  

Each complete three-metre tested array consists of six strips with revolutionary stopping technology, two brandable tent covers, eight simple locking mechanisms, and three coupling plates. The 8kg components fit together to create a system with a total weight of less than 70kg and two storage compartments are also provided with the system for easy transportation. A single operative can install the protection in just a few minutes, transport it to site easily, and move or reconfigure The BOSS as the work area changes.

Technical details
Weight: 70 kg (3000mm array)
Width: 3000mm (tested array)
Height: 1036mm
Depth: 1165mm
HVM Rating ISO 22343-1: V/7200[N3C]/48/90:24.0
Rapid deployment
Compact storage
Tested and rated HVM protection
Easy reconfiguration
Pedestrian permeable
Anti-incursion tool for use on highways

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