Mini Light Arrows

Our Mini Light Arrows provide a lightweight device for rapid deployment. They enable you to ensure smaller vehicles are seen, alerting road users to a potential hazard and keeping operatives safer as they work, no matter what the weather conditions or time of day may be.

Suitable for traffic management and road maintenance vehicles, these versatile Mini Light Arrows are also suitable for road sweepers and waste management vehicles and can be fitted to grey sign plates.

Highway Care Mini Light Arrows have been designed for excellent visibility over a long distance, giving motorists sufficient time to see a blocked lane or hazard ahead and move away in plenty of time to protect their own safety, as well as that of any operatives in the road. They are Department for Transport Signs Authorised HA26/36/01, Plan 37 A, B, C, & D.

Technical details
Width of sign face: 11045mm
Height of sign face: 1075mm
Weight of fixed panel: 23 kg (no framework)
Weight of folding roof: 40 kg (without roof bars)
Weight of vertical option: 105 kg
13 LED lamps as standard
High functionality electronics
Blind rivet construction with stainless steel clamps
Accurate monitoring control of the LED lamps
Optional control for beacons & worklamps (50 watts max. per channel)
Dual voltage 12/24vdc

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