HC350 Concrete Barrier

An alternative to steel, the Highway Care HC350 concrete barrier has a narrow footprint of just 350mm, helping you maximise the work area while providing a high standard of protection for your operatives.

This high performance, low-deflection barrier is an ideal solution for projects with limited space, such as bridges and bottlenecks. Operating in narrow lane running, the HC350 enables the potential work area to be maximised and provides a great option where highways work space is limited.

Available in 1m, 3m, and 6m sections, the HC350 Concrete Barrier is surprisingly lightweight at just 250kg per metre. It offers more efficient and cost-effective transportation, lower project costs, and faster project completion than other concrete systems.

Technical details
Weight: 250 kg/metre
Width: 350mm
Height: 660mm
Compliant to: EN1317-2 N2 W4
Narrow footprint
Ideal for bridges
Anchored end terminals
Saves time & costs

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