HighwayGuard™ Portable Steel Barrier

An innovative portable steel barrier, HighwayGuard™ is MASH 16 TL-3 & TL-4 compliant and has been developed to provide a secure work zone for highways operatives, as well as improved safety for road users. Officially the lowest deflecting portable barrier system in the world, HighwayGuard™ has been approved for use by Highways authorities across North America and Australasia and has also been specified in Hong Kong.

A portable steel barrier designed for ease of use

Fast and easy to install, HighwayGuard™ has symmetrical barrier sections and a unique T-connector for simplicity, and flexibility of deployment and reconfiguration. The system can be installed as a minimum deflection system (MDS), lower deflection system (LDS) or standard deflection system (SDS), using the same barrier sections and T-connectors. The system only requires changes to the anchoring configuration to adjust standardized components to varying specification requirements.

High-efficiency, user-oriented barrier

Extensively tested and proven to meet all the requirements of the MASH 16 standard for both TL-3 standard (up to 2270kg) and TL-4 standard (up to 10,000kg) vehicles, HighwayGuard™ provides a complete solution for any environment and specification requirement.

Technical details
Module Length: 6.00m (19.68 ft)
Module Weight: 552kg (1217lb)
T-Connector: 43kg (95lb)
System Weight:
99kg/m (62lb/ft)
Compliant to: MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4

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Symmetrical barrier sections and universal T-connector allow rapid connection of any barrier section to another, in either direction
Installation times are significantly reduced, along with operational costs and inventory
Simplicity of design and ease of installation prevents the potential for installation error
Easy reconfiguration enables the barrier to be adapted to the changing needs of the project as it progresses
Low transportation costs
20+ year service life
Narrow footprint (0.54m (21 ¼”) base) with trafficable foot maximises safety and the useable work area
Tested with connection to BG800® portable steel barrier
Can be connected to crash cushions

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