RAPTOR™ is a MASH TL-1 compliant, bi-directional crash cushion, designed to reduce the consequences of vehicle collisions with utility poles, trees or other single point hazards.

Around 30% of run-off-road fatalities worldwide involve severe impacts with hard objects such as poles and trees. The cost of removing these hazards can be prohibitive, because it may involve revising the road layout, so often no action is taken until an incident happens.

RAPTOR™ significantly reduces the severity of vehicle impacts, while offering exceptional vehicle control. It meets MASH 350 TL-1 (2,270kg pickup, 50kph head-on) criteria for non-redirective crash cushions, providing cost effective protection for single point hazards and preventing the risk of debris scattering during an impact.

Designed for ease and speed of installation, with no foundation or securing required, the robust, U/V stabilized RAPTOR™ unit requires minimal maintenance. It is a cost-effective way to reduce the risk of injuries to vehicle occupants in the event of an impact. Hazards such as utility poles or trees offer no energy absorption during a head-on impact, which means that a vehicle and its occupants absorb all the impact energy released from a vehicle when it instantly decelerates to a halt during a collision. For further safety protection, RAPTOR™’s smooth surface and geometry means that there is no risk of injury for pedestrians or cyclists either.

Technical details
Overall Length: 2460mm/2760mm
Height: 1050mm
Width: 1150mm
Weight (per shell): 110kg
Weight (per packet): 12kg
Void size width: 590mm
Void size length: 300mm/600mm
Meets MASH 350 TL-1 (2,270kg pickup, 50kph head-on) criteria for non-redirective crash cushions


Simple design means rapid installation and repairs in under 30 minutes
Meets MASH 350 test criteria (TL-1), with demonstrable benefits at higher speeds
Exceptional performance during end-on and offset impacts
No foundation required
Bi-directional protection
Two compact sizes available accommodating a widths between 300-600mm
Non-impacted side can be re-used after an impact
UV stabilised unit typically requires zero maintenance for an expected life span of 25 years
Suitable for hot climates and harsh conditions
Fully galvanised steel connector and fixings and stabilised PE (UV8) shells & cartridges
Available in a range of colours, typically black or yellow
Fire and vandal resistant

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