Published On: February 4, 2024

Today is #worldcancerday and were launching the first in a campaign of fundraising tasks that will be taken on by the Highway Care team for our chosen charity Macmillan Cancer Support this year! Your support will truly make all the difference.

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Trainers? 👟 check
Snacks? 🍫 check
Motivation? 💪🏽 check.

We’re ready to go. Our fundraising journey for Macmillan begins today – read our latest article to find out what we’re doing and why.


As The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, once famously said, ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’ For the Highway Care team, it’s a journey of 491 miles that starts with a single step, push of a peddle or swish of an arm through the water – and that journey begins 01 March!

As part of a year of fundraising that will bring the team together, as well as raising money for cancer care charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, colleagues from across our business will be taking on the mission to cover as many loops of our operational depots as possible in distance. This will mean aiming to cover the 491 miles by walking, jogging, swimming, skipping… or dancing a polka if they like… as many times as they can throughout the month of March. It’s not important how they add to the total, just that they join in and support both our team effort and the worthy cause.

Why 491 miles? Because that’s the distance we would have to walk if we were to set off from our operations hub in Kent and walk to each of other UK depots and back again. It’s not really practical to do that in real life, so instead, we’re asking people to sponsor us to take a virtual journey of the same distance in whatever location is convenient for each member of the team. We’re aiming to make the challenge as achievable and inclusive for everyone as we can, so it doesn’t have to be steps, but it does have to be a human-powered effort to add to the total and get sponsors on board.

Macmillan is our nominated charity for 2024, chosen by our people. Our goal is to raise £5K over the course of the year, which will help to fund the vital care and services that Macmillan provides for people living with cancer, and their families. The money raised through this challenge will go a significant way to reach this overall goal.

It is World Cancer Day today and this year’s theme is ‘Close the Care Gap’; a fitting link to the work that Macmillan does, and a message that resonates with so many people because each of us is likely to be touched by the effects of cancer in our own family and circle of friends at some point in our lives.

That relevance to all our lives was one of the key drivers for choosing Macmillan as our nominated charity. It was selected collectively by the team as a charity that resonates with so many and has such a positive impact for people during a very difficult time.

We hope that our efforts will help to do good, but we know that the good our fundraising will do will not just be in the donation we make to Macmillan at the end of the year. It will also bring our team together to work towards a common goal, share a sense of purpose, get to know colleagues better and have fun! Selecting a nominated charity and organising events to raise funds during the course of a year sends out a clear message to our team that we are not just a company, but a community – and don’t worry it won’t all be fitness related, there will definitely be cake! That we don’t just do a job; we make a difference.

We are passionate about delivering innovative solutions for a safer future at Highway Care. And behind those solutions are people: the people we employ, the people we protect, and the people who rely on us to help them to do their job safely.

As we take our first steps towards our £5k total, we know we’ve got a long way to go to bring in that much money for Macmillan. But we also know we will get there with your help. And that was Lao Tzu’s point – to get to your destination, you have to make a start. Together, we are stronger, more ambitious and more motivated than we could ever be alone – a principle that lies at the heart of what our nominated charity does and the culture we’re building at Highway Care.

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