Published On: June 12, 2023

The RB50 hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) system from Highway Care Security provides agile and robust protection against vehicle as a weapon attacks and vehicle incursions into pedestrianised areas. The system is increasingly being used for ‘zone ex’ locations at sports grounds to protect people as they arrive at a match and leave after the final whistle.

Fast to deploy in ‘as tested’ 4m arrays, the RB50 system is compact to store when not in use and can be quickly wheeled into different positions, making it easier to reconfigure the installation or allow access for emergency and authorised vehicles.

Our security deployment partner, Crowdguard, has delivered many ‘zone ex’ projects using RB50, including recent installations at Leeds United FC as part of a zone ex security installation on Lower Field Road, in the shadow of the Elland Road stadium. With the Premier League advising football clubs to consult their local police force about guidance for match day security, Crowdguard has experienced an increase in enquiries about both risk assessment and deployment of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) systems from football stadiums.

Crowdguard’s brief from Leeds United FC began with a vehicle dynamics assessment (VDA) for the club to help them assess their match day security requirements. Working collaboratively with both the club and Leeds City Council to analyse operational requirements alongside the outputs from the VDA, Crowdguard developed a solution that would mitigate risk while achieving a key objective of minimising disruption to traffic and pedestrians.

A total of 12m of the RB50 system was installed, alongside another HVM measure, spanning the road area. Once all the fans were inside the stadium, the Crowdguard team de-rigged the security measures, enabling traffic to flow again. The same HVM equipment was then installed in a different location on Lower Field Road in time for fans leaving the stadium at the final whistle.

The collaborative approach to considering both risk and operational matters, specification of suitable HVM equipment, and smooth matchday deployment have all contributed to improved zone ex security at Elland Road, while minimising disruption for both match goers and local residents.

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